What about my flower?

There are numerous types of marijuana products. Marijuana can be used in a huge number of ways, companies are consistently introducing current and improved local marijuana products. Anytime a current business has a product that they want to easily promote, they usually have a sale. The cannabis shop where I usually shop for supplies had a massive sale last weekend. One unique business was giving out free goody bags to the first 25 people to make a single purchase at the dispensary. all of the items in the marijuana shop were going to be on sale. There was a email sent earlier in the week to tell all the nearest people about the sale. When I acquired the email, I went online to look at the specials and browsed all of the items. That’s when I found out that the sale did not include any of the high quality flower products. The items on sale included edibles, tinctures, cannabis oil, even concentrate, and vaporizer cartridges. I was hoping to stock up on flower products, but literally nothing was on sale. I still went to the marijuana shop on the day of the cell. I showed up super early and I was one of the first 250 people to make a purchase. I acquired a free weed goodie bag. Inside the bin was a number of promotional items including sunglasses, stickers, and a free second of marijuana flower. The items in the bin were worth more than the bin of weed that I purchased from the counter to get the free bag. The early bird definitely gets the worm and it was a wonderful day to get up early.

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