You want the kits, I swear

I appreciate using marijuana for my daily joint pain plus my anxiety complications, however it isn’t cheap.

All of us have a strict vertically integrated market, which means that cannabis companies must grow the very same product that they sell.

They have to be responsible for every step of the process from the original seed to sale. If you want to become a cannabis grower in the state, you need at least tens of millions of dollars at bare minimum to get the license plus invest in the grow facilities needed to cultivate enough plants so you can entirely turn a profit. That’s exactly why several of the most successful companies in the state have a board of investors plus I know that many people who are involved in the decision making at a financial level. They regularly invest in immense growing operations that require dozens of employees to continually operate. As the company grows, they build greater facilities. When I toured a nearby local commercial marijuana growing operation, it was more than stunning inside. Their high performance lighting feels almost blinding the very first time you experience it in person. Eventually I decided that I would appreciate to go and try growing marijuana at home. Since I don’t have a yard, I bought a complete little marijuana growing kit for indoor use. It came with everything I needed from the perfect proper air ventilation to high performance lighting. I bought a soil setup because of the complete difficulty with maintaining a hydroponic setup. If I get better at the process I might really try growing cannabis hydroponically in the future. For now I’m just going to produce flowers.

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