You’re going to have to invest

Before he became an electrician, my dad worked for many long years as a commercial light salesman.

He sold the lights that building dealers used regularly in houses plus commercial construction projects.

He says that the job definitely paid entirely well, but he was consistently tied up. His boss made him compete with her child who seriously was half the man my father is. Eventually he had enough of the environment plus joined the electrical union as an apprentice electrician. Although he certainly has risen the ranks to a foreman with his employers after decades of difficult residential plus commercial electrical work, he still works with varying kinds of modern lighting on a daily basis. A lot of his job over the past many years involved installing unusual kinds of lights for unusual purposes. His employer was often contracted recently to do the electrical job for a brand current commercial cultivation center for high quality cannabis. The plant has been legal medically for a few years in our state, however I heard that last year voters approved recreational marijuana for adults. Companies are investing millions of dollars in current facilities to get their own new products to market once the law officially takes effect. When I asked my dad where exactly most of the currency is spent, he told myself and others that it’s the security systems, not to mention the temperature control, plus the lighting. Cannabis requires bright and high performance lights that are far brighter than we’re used to. However it’s the electricity needed to run them for 12 or more hours a day that starts to really add up suddenly.


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