CBG has neuroprotective capabilities

It has been difficult watching a close family member succumb to dementia. My step father was a huge part of my life, as he was often the person that came to watch me perform in music recitals at school when my mother was too sick to leave the house. He also imparted a love of countless bands and musicians on me that I would have never learned of otherwise. My mom said years ago that she was worried he might develop dementia in the distant future. We knew that his mother was already starting to succumb to it at the time, and the genetic nature of the disorder meant that one of her offspring would likely get it at some point as well. Unfortunately, things didn’t pan out well over the last six years. His mental disposition worsened with every passing year. At this point it’s heartbreaking to see what it has done to his mind. I hope that scientists learn of a treatment of dementia that can be given as a preventative to people with a high likelihood of getting it. It’s reassuring to see research going into cannabinoids like CBG and CBC as potential neuroprotectors. Promoting healthy brain function and protecting existing neurons and synapses is just one area of research underway with the medical benefits of marijuana and the hundreds of cannabinoids contained within it. Aside from pain relief, there is also promise with the targeting and reduction of cancer cells. Some of these cannabinoids can be purchased wholesale off the internet in bulk quantities, meaning anyone in the country can benefit from the medical effects of these various cannabinoids.


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