I already knew the website was down

I received more than a dozen different phone calls from customers this morning, when the website was down for the cannabis dispensary where I work.

I don’t just work at the cannabis dispensary.

I am the manager and I have been an employee for the past six years. I take pride in working for the company. They treat all of the employees with compassion and understanding. They offer huge discounts on everything in the store and they encourage the staff members to freely use marijuana without fear of losing their jobs. A couple of months ago, we switched to a brand new hosting company for our website. We’ve had a couple of problems since then. Today the website was down most of the day. Before 9 am, I received more than a dozen different calls. I already knew the website was down and I was starting to get aggravated and extremely irritated. I knew the customers had no way to know that I already took care of the problem, but I was still frustrated. When the website hosting company finally fixed the problem, sales picked up again. Most of the morning orders were pick up or walk-ins, but we still had a great deal of online orders once the website problem was fixed. Even though the website was broken until almost noon, we still managed to serve more than 250 customers yesterday. We almost set a record for the most customers on a Wednesday. The record is 302, but that was a 4/20 holiday and one of the biggest sales days of the year.

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