I Like to think I have helped countless others

Back in my twenties, I was told I had macular degeneration in my eye.

  • They had no cures for this, and I could expect to go blind.

Shortly after getting this diagnosis, the doctor told me I also had spinal stenosis. My mother was hesitant to let the doctors do any category of spinal surgery. I went through pretty severe pain before I was old enough to talk to a doctor about my choosing. Instead of turning to western medicine, he wanted me to try a new kind of therapy for my eye condition as well as my spinal stenosis. He gave me marijuana. Back then, medical marijuana was an acceptable of treatment. They still considered marijuana a drug. Most people were under the impression it caused hallucinations as well as was nothing more than a gateway drug to the use of heroin or crank. When the doctor told me about marijuana, I was hesitant, but I wanted to get as much relief as possible. The doctor told me it was just an experimental trial that he was involved with. There was nothing sanctioned by the AMA or by the government. I had to reflect about using marijuana as a medical pain killer, but I soon decided to give it a go. I was getting to where I couldn’t walk. Within a couple days of smoking marijuana, I found that my shoulders were feeling less tense, as well as I walked more. My eyes didn’t burn as much, as well as my vision seemed to be a bit more normal. I didn’t guess that medical marijuana was going to become legalized, however i was one person they experimented on to help make legal, medical marijuana use as well as legal, medical marijuana dispensaries available to many.


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