My anxiety is much better thanks to marijuana

More than 80% of Americans believe that marijuana has significant health benefits.

These benefits include the reduction of anxiety, stress, and depression.

These potential benefits make marijuana one of the most controversial drugs on the market. I didn’t know what to believe when the doctor wanted to prescribe marijuana to help with my anxiety. I tried nearly every drug on the market and some that were illegal. I used marijuana when I was younger, but I didn’t think it really helped with the reduction of anxiety, stress, and depression.In fact, I remember marijuana making me feel hyper and excited. The doctor told me there are lots of different types of marijuana and he promised that I would feel genuine relief after using THC products. I agreed to try marijuana for the first time a month or two ago. I honestly can’t believe the amazing results. I have stopped taking an antidepressant all together, and my mood is still very stable. My anxiety is much better thanks to marijuana. The doctor has changed my prescription so I have more access to a variety of different marijuana products. I can purchase marijuana flower, edibles, tinctures, concentrates, and also wax. I can even buy marijuana infused drinks and elixirs. I always follow the dosing instructions when it comes to my medicines and that includes marijuana. I want to be safe and healthy. Even though a lot of people believe that cannabis is a terrible drug like crack or fentanyl, I feel like cannabis isn’t even close to the same category. It really has some amazing medical and health benefits.

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