My fiance wants to drive for a weed delivery service

My fiance has decided that as a section time job, he wants to drive for a weed delivery service near us.

When he first told me about the recreational weed dispensary near our house, I was a little bit apprehensive about it… I mean, I wasn’t sure what sort of people this weed dispensary was going to be attracting into our town… However, over the past few weeks that the place has been there, there have been nothing but nice things happening, and the tax relocale alone has been great for our neighborhood and it seems that the recreational weed dispensary is nothing but a good, lay up business.

It’s owned by numerous brothers who grew up in this area, and they are great businessmen with a really nice company plan. I don’t guess them personally, even though I did study up on them on the Chamber of Commerce website, however anyway, when my fiance first told me that he wanted to go and drive for a weed delivery service, I was a little bit dumbfounded; Never in a million years would I have ever thought that my straight laced fiance would want to be involved in any sort of marijuana business, and but apparently, he has made friends with the men who own the weed dispensary and he can make a lot of money doing deliveries for them when he’s not laboring his regular job. At this point, I’m thinking that it might be nice for him to do weed delivery as a section time job. The two of us need the extra money, and it sounds like the place is on the up and up.

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