Panic is not so Often After Beginning Medical Marijuana Treatment Program

I used to go into panic attacks so quickly that I didn’t even guess they were coming on.

I was way too overcome with fear to do anything or go anywhere, because I could not tell when a panic attack was going to happen.

If you’ve never had a panic attack, let me tell you a bit about it. Out of nowhere your heart pounds. Your head is pounding to match the heartbeat as well as you feel your mind going crazy. Your body heats as well as you guess you may fall into a thousand pieces. There is this feeling of impending doom as well as you can’t shake it. Luckily, the panic attack ends, however they are horrible. I lost my job because my colleagues located me hiding in the break room closet trying to get away from pretty much everyone, when I had one particularly nasty panic attack. I went to my therapist as well as told him I was through with this. I was feeling as if I would die. He had tried all odd medications. He said he wanted to try some different treatments. It was less orthodox than traditional medicine, although he thought it may prove to be effective. He gave me a prescription for medical marijuana. I was hesitant when I asked about the paperwork I had to do to get the medical marijuana card, although he was there to help me every step of the way. After more than one weeks, I stood in the medical marijuana dispensary getting advice about my first marijuana products. I didn’t guess I was going to be able to notice much of a change until a little over more than one weeks after being on medical marijuana. I woke up one Friday morning as well as realized I had not been the victim of a panic attack in almost one solid month.


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