She now uses medical weed for migraines

My mother used to get the worst migraines… For years I was telling her that she was dehydrated.

It is tplot that when you are dehydrated, you get headaches, however my mother also is entirely terrible about consuming water, and she officially will drink a single cup of hot pop a afternoon plus say that is wonderful enough.

However, when I saw that my mother had to sit in a dark room plus have total silence, I knew it was a little more serious than not enough water. I started googling around online on what my Dad could do to help. I knew getting my mother on prescription pills would be a no. I tried encouraging her to work out, sleep longer plus eat better, then none of those things did the trick. I then found on a blog people that all smoke cannabis that deal with frequent migraines. They said that smoking cannabis flower right before you believe it coming can save the afternoon. Getting a medical marijuana card was straight-forward for my mom. Also, the fee was small plus there was a medical cannabis dispensary near me. My mother was at first a little hesitant to smoke weed. The budtender was great at getting her a vape that was straight-forward to work plus discreet. My mother has a powerful enough strain that she only needs to hit the vape a few times when she feels a headache coming on. My mother has only used it a few weeks but she likes it already. I think this is a game changer for her.

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