Taking the day off was a lot of fun

My girlfriend and I spent all day together last Friday.

Normally both of us work on that day, but we decided to take the day off work since it was 420.

My girlfriend and I use recreational marijuana every single day. 4/20 or April 20th is a holiday that stoners around the world celebrate. This year was the first time that my girlfriend and I took the day off work to celebrate the holiday. We decided to skip work when we found out that the first 100 people in line at our favorite cannabis dispensary were going to receive a gift bag worth more than $100. We wanted to be first in line, so we woke up really early on Friday. It was still dark and maybe even technically Thursday still, but my girlfriend and I wanted to get in line for the unique prize bag. Surprisingly, my girlfriend and I were not the first people in line. Ten people were already sitting outside the cannabis dispensary at 4 AM. There were more than a hundred people in line by 5:30, and the cannabis dispensary did not open until 9 am. It’s a good thing that we had vape pens in our pocket. When the cannabis dispensary doors opened, 5 or 10 people were ushered into the store at a time. When my girlfriend and I got our chance to walk through the doors, we were amazed by all of the effort and time they put into the 420 specials. Nearly everything in the store was on sale and they had a few new items out on the bar.

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