Taxes are making medical marijuana financially out of reach for many

My state lawmakers argued for years before they recognized the ability of marijuana to actually be considered medical.

After they recognized marijuana as a medical herb, they put it to a vote. The legislators agreed to allow the use of medical marijuana as long as people had a medical marijuana card. Now there is an active group pushing recreational marijuana. They feel that recreational marijuana needs to be legalized. I am convinced that a lot of the push to legal marijuana has to do with profit for people and the state. As with cigarettes, the state takes a sizeable tax from every medical marijuana sale. AS a result, medical marijuana is so expensive to purchase in the medical marijuana dispensary that some people find it unaffordable. Although it is illegal to sell medical marijuana or recreational marijuana outside of a cannabis dispensary, the taxes our state imposes on marijuana in the medical marijuana dispensary, has made some people feel they have no choice. I was trying to purchase gummies, plus I couldn’t suppose how fancy they were. I didn’t even have enough money to buy CBD gummies for our pain. I could go online plus purchase gummies, inhalants, plus even creams that contain CBD. Because these products were coming from another state, I was paying less than half the cost of what I would have to pay down the road from my house. I wish I could do the same with medical marijuana. It would be so much more useful for me to have THC in the gummies than the CBD I am buying online.


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