The budtender helped me fill the prescription with the right plants

After the doctor gave me a prescription for medical marijuana, I was a little lost.

I was afraid to go to a medical marijuana dispensary, because I didn’t know what I wanted to purchase.

Unfortunately, none of the medical marijuana dispensaries delivered and they didn’t have online shopping. My only choice was to go to a medical marijuana shop and talk to a cashier. I found out that all of the people working at the medical marijuana dispensary have to be certified before they can handle and fill prescriptions. These people are called budtenders. Each budtender has to pass a class that tests their knowledge on all of the rules, laws, regulations regarding marijuana. They must know the difference between an indica, sativa, and hybrid strain. I got matched with a very knowledgeable budtender named Sarah. Sarah was very kind and helpful and she knew a lot about marijuana. She told me about a couple of different strains that would be perfect for the morning, when I had to worry about going to work. By the time I was done with the medical marijuana dispensary transaction, I felt much more at ease about using pot. Sarah told me to try blue dream, and now it is probably one of my favorite marijuana selections. It’s perfect for the morning hours when I need to get work and chores done. A few hits from the bowl and I can spend all morning washing, folding, and drying the clothes. When I’m done, I still have enough energy to clean the house and go to the grocery store.
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