The delivery fees were free for the first month

When the newest cannabis shop opened in the city, they gave free delivery fees for the 1st month, so my friends & I took luck of the free delivery service.

Both of us ordered items from the cannabis shop two or even three times a week! Since the people I was with and I didn’t have to spend any money on fees, the people I was with and I didn’t worry about how frequently the people I was with and I called up the cannabis delivery service; During the 1st many weeks the cannabis shop was open, they had a grand opening sale as well. My friends & I saved almost 20% on all of the flowers, concentrates, vape pen supplies, & tinctures, but even the edible cannabis treats were on sale. Last sunday night, our friends & I sat down in front of the computer to send an order to the cannabis shop. Both of us saw a crucial banner on top of the website that was different. Both of us immediately noticed a couple of unusual changes on the website, however the cannabis shop no longer had free delivery & they no longer had all the items on sale either. The cannabis shop had sales & special pages & each day something unusual was on sale for 15% off… On Sunday, all of the edible marijuana treats were 15% off. My friends & I were not planning to buy any edible marijuana treats, so the people I was with and I waited until Wednesday to locale our order, however on wednesday was 15% off on all wax & concentrate supplies & the people I was with and I purchased a total of 27 grams that day. Since delivery was no longer free, the people I was with and I no longer want to call the service more than one time every many weeks.

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