The discounts only applied to new patients

The marijuana dispensary where I usually shop texted me.

This text included a list of all the sales & specials they had for the weekend.

I was particularly gleeful when I saw all of the vape carts were Buy One Get One free. I usually buy easily infancy vape carts, but I was gleeful to see that all of the products were on sale. I decided to order a lot of the vape carts that use fantastic levels of terpenes. Terpenes add a lot of flavor to the distillate oil, cartridges without terpenes tend to taste like marijuana flowers. I do not mind the taste of marijuana, but I guess it is easily neat & interesting that I can buy marijuana oils that taste like reds, eucalyptus, bergamot, or pine. I added many unusual distillate oil cartridges to the shopping cart & I localed our order online. About an minute later, a budtender called myself and others to go through our order. They were out of a couple items that I had ordered, but I replaced them with something else. When the budtender gave myself and others the grand total for our order, I was surprised. It was twice as much as I expected. When I asked the budtender if I had gotten the discount, she told myself and others that the discount only applied to new patients. Since I was a store regular, I did not qualify to acquire the vape carts at the special BOGO price. I was so uneasy & miserable that I canceled our order all together. Nothing in the ad stated the special was for new patients & it didn’t make any sense. After all, they had our number because I signed up in the store for substitutes.

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