There are a lot of cannabis growers in the countryside

I had no clue whatsoever that living out in the country would be so awesome.

In fact, I was born as well as raised in the outskirts of a major city.

It was a fairly quiet village, a nice place to live; however, both of us were also honestly close to a lot of activities. The people I was with and I could go out as well as have fun every single weekend as well as never have to hit the same place twice. In moving so far into the sticks, I assumed it would be honestly boring, but I was honestly wrong about that! Now that I have congealed into the local stoner community, I have more access to better homegrown cannabis than ever before, as well as I am absolutely loving it! I mistakenly assumed that out here in the sticks the only available cannabis would be ditch weed, but I could not have been more wrong, but most people have a few plants they tend, not large crops, however some of these cannabis strains have been developing for years, or even longer! The potency of the THC in these cannabis strains is out of this world, I can’t even imagine how much the retail price would be in a store! Since everyone grows their own marijuana, it has become a source of local pride, with people in friendly competition to see who can produce the absolute highest caliber of smoke. Not only am I smoking the best cannabis I have ever tasted in our long life, but I am getting it for basically free. Since everyone else consistently has cannabis, I make sure to consistently have a healthy supply of craft beer, as my only contribution to the get together.


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