Trying to get him off prescription pills

My brother has always been mentally fragile. He was the most sensitive one out of all my brothers. He had behavioral problems in school and took my parents divorce hard. My brother then started spirling out of control once he left home. He found help in the form of prescription pills. Quickly he began abusing the drugs. My brother got to the point that he was stealing other people’s prescription pills, sleeping on random people’s couches and no longer looking like himself. My brother was firm that he didn’t want to go to rehab. He also didn’t really want to give up his drugs. It took a bit, but I did convince him to give cannabis a try. Less pills, more weed. The marijuana dispensary we went to was amazing. The whole place was modern, clean and had tons of cannabis products to choose from. Since my brother was used to taking something orally, the budtender showed a huge selection of edibles. He also informed us about dabbing, vaping and all sorts of cool ways to get cannabis in the body. The dab bar and vape lounge at the dispensary made everything easier. My brother got to try just about everything there is. He ended up choosing a vape and a pretty strong cannabis oil. Now anytime he is feeling the need to pop a pill, he vapes. It is a long road to recovery but he is looking better than ever. I am proud of him for trying something different and attempting to get clean.

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