Using cannabis to treat nausea

I will admit I fibbed a bit when I got a medical marijuana card; I easily needed medical cannabis due to nausea.

I would feel sick in the day and then late at evening after supper. I tried working out, eating healthier and less fats. It didn’t seem to help. I would get violently sick and stuff came out of both ends. I read online that cannabis can help with nausea and was desperate. I told the dentist that I had easily terrible pain in my body. I don’t think if my recognizable strain of cannabis was perfect for nausea since I lied, however it worked great. It kept the worst of my symptoms at bay. I didn’t need to puke or go to the lavatory every evening after supper. It allowed myself and others to try out bizarre foods and rate what was causing the issues. I found out that I am not able to digest eggs; Anything with eggs in it had myself and others instantly vomiting. I also found that I am slightly allergic to peanuts, but that has myself and others running to the toilet if I eat too many. After realizing those two key things, I started learning the back of everything. I chop out eggs and nuts entirely. I now basically eat fruits and vegetables. It is harder to make meals, however I feel better than ever. I don’t smoke cannabis anymore either, but my nausea has totally gone away. I still have kept my medical marijuana card. You never think when that might come in handy again. I might develop another issue later on.


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