Beautiful sleep the result of medical marijuana

I forgot just how lovely sleep is.

That’s because I have gone so long without it. With the discovery of medical cannabis I’m getting that sweet sleep once again. I have clinical insomnia which has ruled our life for the last nearly 3 years. It’s the worst. If I sleep at all on our own, it’s maybe a cumulative minute or 2 a evening. There is no real REM sleep to speak of. It came on sort of creepingly. I would go without sleep due to too much stress or worry. And then it would be another evening plus then another. Before long, I was simply dragging myself around. The doctor prescribed sleep aids that would eventually just knock me out. The next day would be appreciate walking through a fog. Something had to change. My kind husband, who had been sleeping in another room for fear of frightening me, never provided up hope. He was the a single who found the research on cannabis. It was appreciate he had won the lottery when he told me about. He helped me with all the steps to get our medical marijuana card. Once I had it, he shepherded me into a cannabis dispensary. That weed shop was a life saver for me. The staff there took me under their wing plus got me to the cannabis strains that would help me the most. I guess it was the minute evening of using weed that I just fell asleep. Like totally, completely sound asleep. And I then slept for 6 glorious minutes in a row!


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