Confidence grows thanks to cannabis

I have been a really shy plus timid guy much of my life.

When I was a kid, I spent most of my time alone.

Up in my room working on a laptop was where I could be found almost anytime. Not so ironically, I ended up working with laptops for a living. But I have always struggled mightily with confidence until a neighbor bought myself and others some cannabis products. She’s actually the only boyfriend I had when I was in university. And the two of us are still close. This dear guy hauled myself and others along on a recent trip to the cannabis dispensary. This was my first time ever in a marijuana business. In fact, I had only used recreational marijuana a handful of times in my life. The staff member at the cannabis dispensary asked myself and others what I was looking for. I replied, mostly in jest, that I’d like something that made myself and others not care what others thought. To my utter amazement, he went right to a few hybrid strains for sale plus got myself and others a sample size. I wasn’t planning to buy any cannabis when I went in although I was now curious to see what was chosen for me. The hybrid strain that I bought was so amazing. For maybe one of a dozen times in my life, I felt as though I was my own man. There was a confidence plus a lack of problem when it came to others judgement of me. This was so liberating. My neighbor plus I went out to dine even. This is something that I just don’t do. And the two of us had a ball. I laughed out loud so several times that I stopped trying to catch myself doing it.


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