Dealing with loss aided by cannabis products

Grief is a tricky thing.

For sure, I’m no expert.

But having dealt with grief in my life, I have found that the more honest and open I am about my feelings, the better. The more I try to push down my sadness and loss in the name of just getting on with it, the harder it is to heal. I’ve also found that cannabis can be very beneficial when it comes to dealing with grief. I found this out when my brother and I lost our dad. It wasn’t sudden but it was still such a tough thing to deal with. He was just gone. And for both my brother and I, dad was an anchor and a compass in our lives. While I smoked some marijuana back in the day, I wasn’t really all that into now. My brother still used recreational marijuana. And since it wasn’t yet legal in his home area, we took a trip to the cannabis dispensary. There we were both sort of overwhelmed by the selection. There were so many sativa products and indica products alone. Then there were all the hybrid strains for sale. And finally, the edible cannabis section was huge with just about every flavor and texture you could want. Thankfully, we were helped by a kind associate. My brother told him what he wanted. And the guy asked what we were together for and we told him about dad. That man was so compassionate and kind. He even got us a sample of hybrid strain that he thought would help my brother and I with the healing process. And dang if it didn’t work like a charm. My brother and I were able to really open up about dad and it felt good.


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