Glaucoma pressure gets some natural help

There are a few things my dad and I share.

We both have bald heads but nice teeth.

And we both have a genetic predisposition to have high intraocular pressure which could lead to glaucoma. I started having to get checked a couple of times a year when I turned sixteen. The pressure was borderline. But when I went to college and discovered weed, that glaucoma pressure dropped precipitously. What I would later find out is that marijuana actually helps that eye pressure reduce naturally. So while I was in college, the eye doctor didn’t need to see me as much. He thought it was interesting but had no idea about the fact that I smoked pot. And I hadn’t yet connected the dots between my pot smoking and reducing the pressure in my eyes. Fast forward nearly two decades and my eye doctor suggested that I start on some prescription medicine to reduce the eye pressure. Having really gotten into a healthy lifestyle, the idea of taking prescription strength meds was not all that appealing. That’s when I found out that I could get medical marijuana to reduce the eye pressure naturally. It took getting through the regulations which weren’t all that bad to get access to the pot store. It had been a long time since I had used any sort of marijuana and here I was in the weed store. It seemed somehow full circle. Anyway, I spoke with the great staff at the medical pot store and they found the type of cannabis that would help me. Actually, any cannabis will help my condition but there are strains of weed that apparently do it better.
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