I couldn’t get by without smoking a good amount of cannabis

I have pretty much always wanted a locale on the beach, as well as now I have it. It genuinely isn’t my dream dwelling, in fact it is a small dwelling near the water with one study room, 1 bathroom, as well as 1 main room that serves as a family room as well as a living section. The pressing thing is that it is right on the water, in a village I totally love. One afternoon I will update to a larger dwelling hopefully, however in the meantime I am simply trying to appreciate every afternoon living the dream. I prefer to surf, I prefer to cook, as well as I prefer to smoke a huge amount of cannabis. Usually I surf as well as cook while smoking all the cannabis, which serves as a baseline for my total existence. If I would give up the marijuana for a short while, it would be simple for me to put together the money for a current locale. There is definitely no chance of that happening though, I start off my early morning hours with cannabis as well as don’t know a better way to kickstart my morning! Food as well as coffee? No thank you, I’ll twist my Sativa into a small joint to wake up my mind before I get going for the day! In the evening I am a short order cook, as well as a good one, even though I stick with the task because I can use marijuana while doing it! Well, not while I am actually at the grill, of course. In between the meals though, my boss is cool with me taking a little cannabis smoke break. It’s not much to be honest, however it’s an enjoyable life.

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