It is a great experience

I have a new spot to eat, and I have to tell you about it. As soon as the neighborhood started to open up once more, I went to eat at as many sites as I could. This was partially for our own appetite, but also to help support the local economy. So many sites went out of business for good, so the ones that survived deserved a little support. I also made sure to visit not just our official cannabis store, but the many others that also survived the lockdown. The next one I had never been to before, and I was cheerful to find they had also opened a cannabis cafe. There is a limited amount of food, but every dish is infused with cannabis oil, in addition to not only delicious but will get you silly high. To be certain, this is not just edibles, although they do also carry an amazing range of edibles. They have a glass counter where you check out, and the thing is filled with over 100 weird cannabis in addition to CBD edibles, from cookies in addition to cakes to candies in addition to gum. That is just the quickly get in and out counter though, because there is a full family room with a limited menu of cannabis infused entrees, starters, in addition to desserts. They don’t serve alcohol, but they do make home-brewed teas in addition to lemonade drinks that are all cannabis based. Steeping a pot of warm water through cannabis leaves gives a whole up-to-date meaning to the words “green tea.” I highly request everyone to check this location out ASAP!



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