Learning to eat for health with help from medical cannabis

Like I said, everyone think this intuitively.

Eating habits are taken for granted by most of us. While the two of us may have trouble with portion control or eating too much processed food, most of us don’t think of food as the enemy. For me, medical marijuana is section of a treatment process to help myself and others out of an eating disorder. With the help of the good people at the cannabis dispensary, our dentist and our therapist, I think I may be okay. It wasn’t typically that way. Prior to learning of medical marijuana benefits, I was definitely not in a good venue. My health was failing, I was malnourished and just so sick in body and mind. Well no wonder right? I wasn’t eating and when I did, it was often section of a binging and purging situation. That combination is the one that I about rode to the grave. With cannabis flower products, I’m able to learn what a healthy appetite is and how to respond accordingly. The method that there are meal times and healthy food is delivered to our body is something that medical marijuana certainly helps with. The appetite I get from cannabis products is one I can think as not a craving and more of a time to feed the equipment signal. Like I said, everyone think this intuitively. And perhaps I also knew it at one time. But now is the time for myself and others to relearn this essential steps to living a life. And the cannabis flower products also help myself and others to embrace our healthy body, no matter what size it is.

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