Less tremors now with use of medical cannabis

The tremors came on sort of slowly when I was in our early 60’s. But, I kind of knew intuitively that I was dealing with something other than proper shakes. A few years later I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and it wasn’t exactly a great shock. What was shocking to myself and others was that medical marijuana has been an essential treatment for our condition. I’m fortunate that our Parkinson’s appears to be progressing slowly. The meds I’m on do help however I have found that adding cannabis flower product to the mix to be just the topper. My child was legitimately the a single who introduced myself and others to medical marijuana information. And once I looked into it a bit, it was clear to myself and others that the medical marijuana benefits were undoubtedly worth exploring. Besides, I had used cannabis products from time to time and tolerated them particularly well. I liked the fact that it’s a natural substance and not a single generated by science. Not that I’m anti-science by any means. I just like the fact that I’m getting results from something that comes naturally from the earth. Getting access to the cannabis products was something where I did have to jump through some hoops. In our state, I had to see a specialized physician to in order to get through the cannabis regulations. While it took various weeks, which seems a bit much, it was well worth the effort. When I got to the medical marijuana store, the first time, I didn’t undoubtedly know what to do, then the nice people at the legal weed shop helped myself and others locate the cannabis products that would help our condition the best. I legitimately took home a few samples of cannabis flower product in order to tune in the best strain for me.



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