My neighbor pays me good money to shop for him

My neighbor is pretty much a recluse.

He says he is a famous writer, however won’t tell me his actual name because he wants to be anonymous. Personally I don’t recognize he is famous at all, he is just an aged kook. I do have a soft spot for aged kooks though, so it doesn’t honestly matter. The crucial thing is that this guy doesn’t trust the internet & has me pick everything up for him… It’s not a very challenging gig, & he pays me pretty well for it, plus it gives me a great excuse to go to the cannabis dispensary all the time! Our local cannabis dispensary is wonderful. I am a regular shopper of the locale so picking up for the recluse isn’t really an issue. This locale has a full online menu of all cannabis products, updated on a regular basis with specials & inventory levels so you are aware if they have what you’re looking for. You can also take care of your order online, spend money for it, & either arrange in-store pick-up or have the cannabis delivered to your place. Pretty much, this aged writer pays me a nice little fee for my work, when getting cannabis isn’t even challenging. I regularly use the extra cash he gives me to get even more cannabis, & it’s essentially the only time this cheapskate ever tipped me so I don’t feel awful at all. If he would easily turn on a tablet he could order his own cannabis for significantly cheaper, however until that time, I will keep getting paid.