PTSD easing with access to the cannabis dispensary

I’m just so legitimately thankful that I live in a state where I can get access to a medical marijuana store.

This isn’t so much because I love weed or anything like that.

In fact, until it was prescribed to me, I was not a proponent of weed or medical cannabis. I didn’t legitimately have an axe to grind but I did guess that the whole medical marijuana thing was a dodge. Little did I guess that I would count on medical cannabis so much to help ease my PTSD. There is a time before I was in combat plus a time after. It’s as though I am 2 completely weird people who happened to inhabit the same body. Prior to experiencing combat, I wouldn’t have tried weed on a bet or a dare. It just wasn’t something that I was into. This was mainly due to all of the myths I had been told surrounding marijuana. But once I came back from my 3rd tour of duty, I was simply not the same person. The PTSD was real plus it was legitimately wrecking my life. I did my best in therapy but I needed more. My medical professional suggested a group therapy that also incorporated the use of medical cannabis. The success rate for this group made ignoring this plan impossible. So I tried it plus I found that the combination of group therapy with the prescribed use of cannabis to be working. It didn’t take all that long to see small improvements in sleep, anxiety plus a near constant state of fear plus dread that I lived with. I have to say the going to the weed store is also nice because there are people there who are compassionate plus caring in a legitimately respectful way as well.

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