The delivery driver forgot my CBD supplies

I called the weed shop on Tuesday afternoon to place an order for delivery. I used to order online, but they were always out of products. I find it much easier to call and talk to a budtender about my order. If something is out of stock, I can simply change the order on the iPhone. I called on Tuesday to place an order for three grams of concentrate and a half ounce of flower. I also bought some CBD infused cookies. I care about the CBD cookies at night. CBD helps me sleep better and stay asleep longer. I only use CBD at night, but I guess it honestly helps. I toss and turn when I miss a dose. I called the pot shop on Tuesday and I placed an order for everything that I would need for the week. The total amount for the order was $186. I had 200 money on me and I planned to give the driver the whole amount… Unluckyly, the driver totally forgot my CBD items. She had the concentrate and the flower. The girl was on time and actually friendly, but she forgot to get the CBD items that I ordered. I was genuinely disappointed and a little frustrated. I wanted the driver to go back to the store to choice up my things, but she said I was the last delivery of the night. If I wanted the CBD items, I was going to be forced to wait until the next afternoon. I didn’t have any CBD for Tuesday night and I didn’t sleep well at all.


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