The sale prices were too great to be true

I decided to order marijuana supplies from a odd shop on Wednesday, but i was looking at all of the specials online and I found a cannabis shop that was offering 25% off all items in the store. I carefully went through the online shopping cart and added a couple of things, but the total for our order was almost $300, however I knew the amount was before the sale price, however even with taxes, I expected our order to be around $250, but a dispensary worker called myself and others a couple hours later to review the order. I was surprised when she gave myself and others the total, because it did not include the discount. I asked the bartender if I was getting the sale price and that has when I found out that the discount was only offered for in-store purchases, then since I was having the marijuana supplies delivered, I did not qualify for the 25% off sale. I didn’t see any disclaimer online when I was placing the order and I was honestly infuriated and infuriated. I raised our voice to the bartender and I demanded to speak with the manager. I told the manager that I was sad about the in-store special. The online website and order form did not alert myself and others that the sale prices were only on marijuana products purchased in the store. The manager apologized for the confusion, although she wouldn’t provide myself and others the 25% off unless I came to the dispensary to option up our order. It was too much cash to lose, so I got dressed and drove to neighborhood to option up our supplies.

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