Waking up from PTSD nightmare thanks to medical cannabis

My dad really tried to tell me even though he hadn’t directly experienced it for himself.

  • But dad was in Vietnam during the last bit of the war.

He didn’t see direct combat but he saw the very real results of it. So when I wanted to be a soldier, my dad was conflicted. Yet, a soldier I became and medical marijuana is helping me sort through the resulting PTSD. I told my dad when I was in high school that I wanted to serve in the military like he did. He was proud of my desire to serve but that was tempered by the realities of combat and what that could do to someone. I idealized combat in my mind as heroic and exciting. Now that I’m in therapy and getting access to a cannabis dispensary, I’m trying to reconcile all of that with what I know. The fact is, for me, combat was terrifying and every second seemed like an eternity. What I saw and experienced damaged me in ways that I may never be able to heal. Still, thanks to cannabis flower products I get from the marijuana dispensary, I’m trying my best to live a life of some kind. With cannabis products, I tend to be able to face life a bit more calmly and with a broader perspective. Plus, the cannabis flower products help me to work through the feelings and damage that I’ve been left with. And it’s making a difference. Most nights after I use medical marijuana, I’m able to sleep and that is such a huge step. And it’s all about steps in this PTSD recovery.

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