A good brainstorm session

Have you heard of beat boxing before? Usually it is with rap music, as well as it involves a circle of people passing around a mic as well as freestyling rhymes off the tops of their heads. It isn’t about making the right lyrics, it’s about brainstorming as well as seeing what happens; When you turn off your long term thinking as well as just live in that second, you can come up with ideas you never would have had otherwise. I am not a musician or a singer, I am a writer as well as a podcaster who tells stories to the audience, but I have my own kind of beat boxer. One thing it has in official with the traditional beatboxer is using cannabis, that is a requirement for a very brainstorming session! I love to smoke my cannabis in joints, not blunts, which I assume have a horrible taste to them! Before all of us start I will take an entire tote of cannabis as well as roll it up into several or twelve unquestionably fat joints. The group of us all have a beer or a mixed cocktail, fire up the cannabis, as well as spend the next multiple or three hours just discussing story ideas as well as seeing what comes out of it. I love to be clear headed when I am particularly writing, but for coming up with ideas, something about cannabis makes it flow a lot easier! Perhaps it is the effect of mental relaxation I got from cannabis, as well as it allows myself and others to just riff on ideas separate from worrying about if they are any enjoyable or not. After all, a great idea can start as a bad idea.


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