Best way to sleep at night

My partner loves to sleep; She will sleep for 10 hours a night whenever she can, as well as on weekends she will also take little power naps.

This is odd to me, because I sleep for as little as possible.

I stay up late, as well as then still wake up early unless I have taken some meds the evening before. I can’t make a big deal of it, because this gives me a lot of free time for writing as well as recording my radio show. It isn’t just that I don’t sleep very much, the point is that I hate sleeping, as well as do whatever I can to get away from it most of the time. When I do sleep, it is preceded by smoking a lot of joints as well as sort of drifting away into the fog. Any marijuana smoker will tell you that pot has a strong effect on your sleeping mind, as well as a muting effect on your dreams. If you are like myself and others as well as have clear dreams that wake you up throughout the evening, I would tell you to try some cannabis to see what happens. Smoking cannabis right before bed has become a ritual for me, because of that calming effect on my persistent nightmares. Basically, if I ever want to have a very good night of sleep, I need to smoke cannabis beforehand or it won’t work. Pills, exercise, any sort of sleeping aid, nothing works for myself and others except for cannabis. I also adore getting high, of course, however my usage of cannabis is for medicinal reasons, for my mental wellbeing. I wish I could get a prescription for medical cannabis, however my doctor is a jerk.