CBD Cream Helps with Tremors

I recently went to a new doctor about tremors in my hands.

My family physician said he couldn’t do much for me, other than provide me with nerve pills to help relax me. I was relaxed, and my understanding was that the essential tremor was coming from a compressed nerve rather than anxiety. I didn’t want to get my body dependent upon nerve pills. I told him I would rather put up with the tremors in my hands than to be downing a lot of medication. He sent me to a neurologist to see if a neurologist could help my tremors. The neurologist told me that the shaking was coming was happening because of a pinched nerve in the shoulder. I took some tests, and the neurologist told me he could operate on the shoulder, but he would rather see the muscles get less tight on their own so the nerve would become decompressed. He said I could take some medication to help loosen the muscle, but he recommended I try medical marijuana cream instead. The marijuana cream would help to calm the muscle plus allow the nerve to become decompressed and start working normally again. He offered me a prescription for the medical marijuana cream but he also told me about CBD ointment that is available without a prescription. He explained that if I could find an ointment with the amount of CBD with just a hint of THC, that might be ideal. Since I had the prescription, I got my medical marijuana card and went to the marijuana dispensary, thinking I would get the medical marijuana. I was thrilled the doctor had mentioned the CBD cream, though, because the budtender showed me a CBD ointment that was truly high in CBD with just a little THC, and now that is what I use.


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