Even Boys Have Eating Disorders

At the age of thirteen, my child started being careful about what he was eating.

  • He was quite a bit overweight, which I knew bothered him.

I was happy to see that he was watching his diet by trying to eat healthy foods only. He was losing weight, however he was impatient about it. He began to completely stop eating any meals plus after that I got irritated. I made him come to the table at dinner time. Even though he was in a chair at the table, it didn’t mean he was going to put anything in his stomach. He would transport the food around the plate so it looked like he had eaten something. I never put 2 plus 2 together to conclude he had an eating disorder. I mistakenly thought that it was not boys who suffered from eating disorders. When he began lacking any energy at all, I took him to the doctor. I was appalled when he took his shirt off. His ribs looked like they would poke through his skin, and he looked prefer he had been starved. He told the doctor that he never felt hungry plus eating made him sick. The doctor sent us to a child therapy office, and the psychologist talked to me after she did her initial consultation with my son. She told me she was going to advocate marijuana therapy. Marijuana would make him feel hungry plus he would eat enough to get some nutrients into him. She said that she would be a fan of a tincture that could be put into tea. I was not exactly keen on giving marijuana to a kid, but I had to do something. I wanted my fourteen year old to live a long, full life, and with medical marijuana, he is on his way.



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