Fighting my cancer with the assistance of CBN

The sound of the word cancer is still pretty much locked into my memory of that day in the health worker’s office.

It was basically like some sort of slow motion sort of thing to be honest.

Just unusual because it hit me so sideways. From there, it was almost a blur before I was in treatment. But CBC plus CBN have been a serious godsend for me though. These minor cannabinoids have been instrumental in me fighting my way through the chemo treatments. I knew I was in for a serious fight with cancer. But nobody absolutely knows what they’re in for until it happens plus you’re in it. It was recommended that I use THC to help with the nausea. I tried that in the beginning, however I just couldn’t tolerate it really well. That’s when I referred to CBDQ along with CBC to help me with eating during my treatments. Without the help of these minor cannabinoids, I would not be eating at all I don’t believe. This combination allows me to curb the nausea in order to put healthy food inside my body. Getting the nutrients from wonderful natural foods is essential to helping me heal plus battle the cancer all at the same time. I’m also grateful to include CBN in the mix. While the THC in weed was just a bit too much for me to handle, CBN isn’t. There is a calming element to the CBN that is similar to a really mild dose of valium. And this absolutely helps me to relax plus acquire some perspective when all of this is absolutely getting overwhelming.

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