He is able to use CBD products to supplement

My best friend Travis missed a lot of days of class in middle school as well as private school because of his health concerns.

It was horrible to watch him suffer because he hadn’t even been tested yet as well as the pills his doctor prescribed weren’t even working.

Thankfully he was loved by most of the kids in our classes so he was never teaseed or singled out for using the bathroom pass as often as he did. Right before we graduated private school, he was finally diagnosed with Crohn’s disease by a gastrointestinal doctor. Travis tried to go to college, however he had to drop out after a year because he was missing class so much. Luckily he got his foot in the door with the insurance industry as well as now he is a full time agent. His employer is understanding of his medical condition as well as does not give him trouble whenever he needs to use the restroom. Recently Travis told me that he has started using hemp as well as CBD products to treat the pain he gets from crohn’s disease. He said that he has used them to add to his existing medicine, as well as the synergistic effect of them all easily blend together has been a great benefit. He says that he gets fewer crohn’s flare-ups as well as whenever he does, the pain is weakened as well as he jumps back much faster. He said that his CBD concentrates have been an absolute magic cure in his life. Whenever he gets pain from crohn’s, he whips out his vaporizer as well as a jar of potent full spectrum hemp concentrate.



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