Medical marijuana Treatment for Severe Depression

My daughter somehow became severely depressed.

I had seen no a single who could sit plus cry for no reason the way she did.

When her friends were around, she wouldn’t even acknowledge them. I remembered when she was so happy-go-lucky, however that time seemed like the distant past. I wanted nothing more than to help her. She was only thirteen, but already she was voicing her positive thoughts about suicide plus what a relief it would be. She couldn’t take much more of the dark thoughts that were invading her head, plus how the voices told her everything would be perfect if she would just die. I took her to many psychiatrists plus psychologists, however their only option was to give her antidepressants. The people I was with and I had a new holistic medical doctor transport into the community plus I made an appointment to bring my daughter there. My daughter sat in her chair plus said not a single word while I talked about the changes I had noticed. The new doc in town asked me to wait outside while she tried to talk to my daughter. When I was called back into the office, the doctor gave me an RX to get filled. She told me that along with regular exercise, a mild antidepressant, and this new RX for a high CBD, low THC marijuana, my daughter would most likely begin doing better. The doctor said there was nothing clear about how much Indica marijuana is appropriate, so we would be on a slow learning curve. She was sure, but, that by sticking to the therapist’s recommendations plus the addition of the Indica marijuana therapy, I would soon be seeing my old daughter. I really prayed that the marijuana would be a way to make her better.

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