Save cannabis where you can

I am a lover of being at home, as they say. I adore being in my own area, I don’t adore being in public. For me, the virus pandemic trapping myself and my fiance in our new home for several months was a blessing. I unquestionably loved all that silent time, as well as not having any pressure to go out as well as do things. My productivity at tasks increased, because getting high on my sofa is obviously what I need to function at peak efficiency. So when I heard that the virus variant is coming back on us, as well as there may be another lockdown in our future, I got pretty gleeful about it! During the last lockdown my local cannabis dispensary started offering a delivery service, as well as that changed the game for me. My only worry about any potential new lockdown is making sure the cannabis dispensary still has a way to stay in business. Anything else I can cope with, even if it’s bottled water from the sink as well as eating nothing but canned fruit, but I cannot handle running out of marijuana. Smoking cannabis keeps myself and others calm, helps myself and others relax, as well as allows myself and others to sleep through the evening. I assume Iw ould particularly be adore everyone else, as well as hate the lockdown, if I didn’t have a steady stream of cannabis to keep myself and others chilled out. For the immediate future, I am going to pinch off a large, fat bud from every jar of cannabis I get as well as put it into a “savings account.” Instead of putting my change into a glass piggy bank I’ll put extra cannabis into it, as well as save it for a rainy morning.


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