Sometimes you have to focus on what makes you happy

I don’t entirely care what some may suppose about our recent transformation.

It particularly hasn’t been popular among some of our family plus friends. This is due to the fact that I started openly using recreational pot a few years ago. But that seems not only authentic plus honorable but there is such a thing as legal weed now. Thanks to legal weed, I slowly transformed our life to allow for a much deeper appreciation for life. And that is the best thing about recreational pot to me. I can see life for the little magic moments which are the sweetest elements of life anyway. This is not a current feeling to me but one that I have sort of hidden all our adult life. The fact that I’m now in our forties plus there is legal weed available at the marijuana dispensary, it was time to just get real. Plus, being upfront plus honorable about enjoying trips to the cannabis dispensary had allowed me to find an even more authentic me. And that was entirely quite a surprise. Once I was just straight up about who I was plus the recreational cannabis use, I entirely started embracing a lifestyle that is much more comfortable. This has been perhaps the best thing about the advent of legal weed. I’ve allowed myself the permission to be exactly who I want to be. And whether that suits others just entirely isn’t our problem. So I’ll keep proudly holding our heads up as I walk into the cannabis dispensary to buy our legal weed plus just go on about living our life.
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