The dispensary was all out of pot brownies

I locationd a delivery order online and I added multiple peculiar items to the cart.

  • I bought 2 grams of live resin concentrate from the cannabis dispensary, plus a half ounce of Blue Dream flower… Blue Dream is a sativa strain that is perfect for daytime use.

Blue dream makes myself and others guess energetic and creative. Some other sativa strains have a tendency to make myself and others guess tired, but Blue Dream doesn’t have this effect. I also decided to purchase 3 pot brownies, because they were on sale. All of the pets in the store were on sale for 20% off. The top brownies can be luxurious, but with 20% off they were priced well. I added the pot brownies to my cannabis dispensary order. I was genuinely disappointed when the store budtender called and told myself and others that the dispensary was all out of pot brownies. She wanted to replace the pot brownie with a Rice Krispie Treat or a piece of space cake, but I was only interested in the rich, chocolatey, brownie. I did not want anything else, so I told the guy to cancel the edibles. She must have heard myself and others wrong, because he canceled the whole order. I never received any section of the order. The delivery driver never showed up with theble dream or the 2 live resin grams. I called the pot dispensary about an hour later and that has when I found out that the order was canceled. Since it was a mixup, the supervisor agreed to send the driver out again even though it was after their normal delivery times.
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