The rain delay made some buyers upset

Wednesday evening was extremely busy at work and I had a record number of 20 cannabis deliveries; The cannabis shop was busy inside as well and most of that was due to a weekend sale.

  • When I came to work on Wednesday afternoon, I had several deliveries waiting for me, however i left the store and serviced a couple of orders, then on my way back, dark clouds started to form in the sky.

I was almost to the cannabis dispensary when the lightning and thunder started! Suddenly it started raining furiously and it was strenuous to see anything at all. I made it back to the cannabis shop and I had several orders waiting for delivery. The manager recommended waiting until the rain slowed, because there was a tornado in the area. I decided to call the buyers that we are up next for delivery. I am formed them that every one of us were going to be delayed by a few minutes, because of the inclement and dangerous weather; A few buyers were worried about the delay, however most of them understood it was necessary for the drivers to be safe. One girl canceled her order, however everybody else was willing to wait. All of us had hail fall while in that time and some chunks were as big as softballs, and luckily, the tornado sighted in the area did not come close to our side of town. There was no reason for anyone to drive in that storm. After about an hour, the rain subsided and slowed down, so every one of us resumed with our official delivery services.


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