They had more than smokeables.

Excitement built when I realized I was going to finally be able to go to the medical marijuana dispensary.

My husband pulled the car around and helped me in.

When we got to the dispensary, he was telling me about everything they had in the store, while waiting for someone to talk to us. I was in awe thinking about all the marijuana products they had for sale, and realizing there was more than smokeables for me to choose from. When the budtender came out, she took my prescription and called the manager/pharmacists to help me out. He told me what all I was entitled to and which products would be best for me. He asked if there was anything specific that I would be interested in trying. My husband picked up a couple of marijuana products the gentleman offered to me, and he put them up for me to smell. I was so excited I was shaking, and my husband was laughing. Because of my retina problem, I could see very little now, and I counted on him to help me with these types of decisions. The gentleman gave me a sample of gummies and told me to try them. If I sampled different marijuana products, he was sure I would be able to find something I really liked and would help me the best. The medical marijuana dispensary was very helpful and I was glad I had gone through the process of getting my medical marijuana card. I couldn’t wait to get home and try some of the marijuana products to see if any of them helped.

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