Finding a new way of residing with MS thanks to medical marijuana

So life can come at you in all sorts of unusual ways.

For me, I have sort of just l acquired to roll with life.

It’s not been a picnic for myself and others but that’s just my life. Still, it’s all about residing the best life you’re able. Medical marijuana is helping myself and others do that as I adjust to life with MS. First, I have to say that an MS diagnosis is not the end of the world. There are so many fantastic treatments out there. And the support I get from family, friends and a network of people with MS has been instrumental. Actually, the MS support group I belong to was how I found out about medical cannabis. Almost most people in the group uses some form of cannabis product. I smoked some weed in my day so I wasn’t different with cannabis products. Still, I legitimately didn’t realize just how effective medical marijuana can be for those with my condition. The cannabis flower product that I use is legitimately fantastic for limiting my joint and muscle stiffness. This allows myself and others to do the exercises and stretching that is so beneficial to my condition. Heck, I’m even able to take a yoga class and I couldn’t do that even before I was worked on with MS. The medical marijuana also legitimately helps myself and others to relax and just go with this. I don’t have near the anxiety that I have experienced in the past. And that is a godsend because life with MS is difficult enough without adding a bunch of stress and anxiety. Plus, I just enjoy most people down at the medical marijuana shop. They’re almost enjoy family now.

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