Getting her CBD treats so she can ride better

I adopted my cat from a shelter and she has a lot of stress. Every time we leave the lake house in the car, she starts to shake and get scared. I travel a lot for work and I love our pet to ride in the car. I needed to find a way to help our cat feel more at peace. I spoke with a veterinarian about a couple of differences and I was surprised that she proposed CBD treats. I knew CBD could be used by men and women, but I did not realize that our cat could receive the same exact attention from the cannabinoid. The doctor provided me with a pamphlet and a coupon for $5 off a single basket of CBD treats. She had a couple of samples available for sale in the front, although she proposed ordering them online where they would be much cheaper for a larger bag. The CBD treats come in a variety of flavors like peanut butter, chicken, cheese, and bacon. The CBD treats allow our cat to feel much more relaxed when we are riding around in the car. I’ve seen a sizable change in her mood and she entirely enjoys the flavors. I’ve only used CBD as a supplement a couple of times, but I’m starting to believe I might benefit from a weekly routine as well. Of course, I would not eat cat treats. There are a number of cannabis stores that sell CBD treats for humans like cookies, pies, and gummies. These CBD items contain a higher concentration of the cannabinoid than the ones for our cat.


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