Glad I went with the medical option

When I was in private school, I used weed with my friends to have a great night.

  • It was strenuous to locate, but every once in a while all of us got our hands on a bag of weed.

Every one of us didn’t use weed for medical reasons and all of us never thought of it as medicine. If all of us had a bag of weed, all of us were going to smoke it and spend the night having a good time or having a party. I always believed marijuana was a fun recreational drug. When the doc commanded me to start medical pot for our anxiety and depression, I didn’t take the suggestion seriously at first. I continued to deal with the mental and physical pain for another year. It was strenuous to deal with the depression symptoms which caused nightmares, crying, and anxiety and panic attacks. The next time the doc mentioned medical marijuana, I decided to get more info on it. The doc sent me to an evening class at a medical marijuana treatment center. I got educated on the pros of using cannabis. The doctors checked myself and others and helped me apply for a medical card. It’s been 6 months since I started using medical marijuana. At first, I absolutely felt high and weird from the plant. Now I have been using cannabis for 6 months and I no longer believe that effect. When I use weed, I get medical benefits from the plant like pain relief and calmness. My anxiety and PTSD symptoms are nicer than they have been in the past and our sleep has been improved as well. I’m thankful the doctor mentioned cannabis on more than one occasion.

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