Medical weed is available widely now

The two of us have pain and inflammation from a car accident that occurred early in our adult life.

The two of us have inflammation in the lower parts of our back from this accident. The two of us properly feel that inflammation is in our knees plus our hips as well. The two of us spend lots of time exercising and drinking water. The two of us have a vegetarian and raw food diet and also stretch and exercise every single day. There are lots of stretches that are supposed to help my back feel better, but most of them have not been successful. The two of us generally don’t love that feeling and prescription painkillers is a really bad idea. With addiction and high risks, the doctor felt that cannabis would be a better answer for the information. The two of us were surprised by the recommendation for cannabis, but cannabis is legal in this state for recreational and medical reasons. Cannabis products like flower and Edibles have a lot of different terpenes. Terpenes are extremely helpful for relieving some of the body’s problems. Pining is a terpene found commonly in rosemary, sage, and also nuts. Timing is a terpene that is famously known to get rid of inflammation in our body. I have several different strains that are high in pinene and these are great for the reduction of inflammation. A large surprise is waking up every morning without the hip and knee pain. Chronic inflammation can be difficult but weed gummies and other medical products are extremely helpful and available widely now.


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