Security was ready to fight at the cannabis shop

All of the medical plus recreational marijuana dispensaries have a security guard that sits in front of the building.

A few of the security guards are typically outside plus some of them are typically inside. I’ve never been to a medical plus recreational marijuana dispensary that didn’t actually have an armed security guard on staff. Quite a few weeks ago, my friends plus I went to the medical plus recreational marijuana dispensary to get a few products. Every one of us were just standing outside in line, waiting for our turn to shop. Store only allows 10 people inside at any given moment, although I was patiently waiting my turn. A few boys in front of me started complaining about the brutally long wait. They started making jokes about taking down the security guard so they would be able to walk straight into the store plus take whatever they desired. The security guard overheard those inappropriate jokes plus walked over to the guys. I heard the officer tell the boys to settle down plus they made another joke about the security officer being frightened. At that point, I heard the security guard’s voice become more threatening. He recommended the 3 boys easily quit talking plus stand quietly while they wait or he was going to escort them off the property by any means necessary. It was obvious that the security officer wasn’t playing around. He had a truly extreme look on his face plus his hand was right on top of his weapon holster. The boys decided to quiet down after that, although I was uneasy because there could be a brawl in the parking lot of the dispensary. The security guard seemed to be ready to rumble.