Smoking Cannabis for anxiety

I have dealt with anxiety for most of our life.

I consistently experience anxiety in social settings, where I find it hard to talk to people sometimes, plus when it gets undoubtedly bad, I can have panic attacks.

I speak with a therapist every week, plus she gives me odd exercises to help manage our anxiety, plus they work while I try them in the therapist’s office, however out in the “real world” it can be hard to remember to practice breathing exercises when I need it the most. I have tried prescription antidepressants plus anti-anxiety medication, however they left me feeling groggy plus unmotivated. Some of the medication also made me absolutely bloated, plus caused me to acquire weight. Recently, however, our therapist advised that I try using cannabis to deal with our anxiety, cannabis plants are full of compounds called cannabinoids, that, when consumed, bind to the cannabinoid receptors in our brain! There are over 100 odd cannabinoids that have been identified, with each 1 providing a plethora of effects. The most widely known cannabinoid is THC. THC has been shown to reduce anxiety in humans plus critters. After our therapy appointment, I drove to the cannabis dispensary near me, plus told the budtender about our anxiety, plus that I wanted to try managing it with cannabis. The budtender suggested a couple odd strains, plus provided me a small amount of each to experiment with, plus see which 1 worked the best for me. Since trying cannabis, our anxiety has been under control for the first time in our life. If you struggle with anxiety, head to your local dispensary to try some cannabis this week!

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