The cannabis really made the concert way more fun

Several months previously, my friends plus myself had a decision where we packed up our car and played our favorite tunes on the radio so we could take a trip all the way to the other side of the state for a conference.

The trip took multiple afternoons and the two of us had to drive for three hours each.

We spent more than one afternoon in spooky and also cheap hotels. The two of us arrived at our own destination about several hours before the show began. We took a shower at the hotel and got dressed. We found someone at the front desk because we had a couple of hours before the concert started. The person told us that we legitimately needed to look at the cannabis shop around the corner. The cannabis shop had a lounge inside and lots of different products. The person at the front desk called us an Uber to take us to the cannabis dispensary. The lounge was filled with lots of places to sit and relax and they had lots of different cannabis products. There was dried cannabis flower and different strains like purple haze, blue dream, and also Girl Scout cookies. We got some pre-rolled marijuana joint and smoke one of them back in the lounge. By the time it was ready for both of us to go to the concert, we were stoned and ready to have a great time. We were totally relaxed and enjoyed our evening of fun and didn’t didn’t mind the long drive after we had consumed cannabis.

Purple cannabis